HASAY update and some observations on the gym

So it's week...something...of HASAY.

(Crap, I feel like I've been shipwrecked on Diet Island and I have no idea what day it is).

This week of The Plan went okay - I'm kind of slipping on the food front. I've been good with the 'no snacking', but the office coffee has been seriously tar-like this week for some reason so I've had to add some sugar. And some creamer.

Really, it's that or slip into a coma, people. It's for the greater good.

Although a coma would be restful...

ANYWAY. I went to the gym three times, walked once (with ab work after every couple of laps around the track!), and played squash once. When I was flogging my brittle self to the gym in the -40 weather the other night

(no, that isn't a misprint. And -40 in Canada is the same as -40 in the US. It's the only time they line up. Or something. Anyway, it's fucking cold)

I came up with a few observations on the whole 'gym' phenomenon. To wit:

1) People look funny when they run. Some more than others. Like the woman on the treadmill in front of me who ran like a duck. A duck with a stick up its ass. Wearing a do-rag made of terry cloth.

2) Which is why I almost always use other equipment, because you're supposed to look like a flailing idiot. But they need to ensure the TVs work, because staring at my own reflection for 45 minutes, no matter how sultry I look glaring and sweating like a pig glowing, is not nearly as motivating as a good episode of Relic Hunter.

(What? I watch with the sound muted, so I can't hear it sucking. You telling me YOU don't want to look like Tia Carrere?)

3) Too much resistance on the elliptical = aching perineal scars. Um, TMI?

4) No, I'm sorry but you CAN'T get away with not washing your gym clothes. You're frickin' RANCID.

5) Wait, is that stench ME?

6) Oh, no, definitely him. Never mind. Carry on.

7) Honey, don't waste your time, he's SO OBVIOUSLY GAY.

8) The whole idea of driving somewhere else in -40 weather to somewhere crowded with stinky idiots in order to do something I could do just as easily at home is kind of stupid.

But I guess it works. Last Monday's weigh-in I was down to my pre-Christmas Fiasco weight (where I was stuck for so long), which is a loss of 3 lbs. And I'm feeling hopeful for tomorrow.