A wine whine and some other drugs: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Well folks, it's Tuesday again and the squirrels behind my eyes are back, thanks to a toddler who is apparently being visited by Freddy Krueger when he dares to go to sleep. Also, hubby works in the restaurant industry, and regularly brings home every plague, pox, and pestilence that is making the rounds. And I think this time I'm actually catching it, despite the extra helping of Robot Mommy Secret Can't-Get-Sick-Gotta-Care-For-Others pills. So I better start rambling before the NeoCitran kicks in.

Oh, NeoCitran, nectar of the gods. I can't quit you, even with your fuzzy-tongue-inducers and mild coma enhancers. You're just so full of snuffly, sneezy, coughing, wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-kitchen-floor goodness.

Rather than serenading you guys with my random thoughts while indulging in wine and chocolate, these days I'm dimming the lights and having a cup of...tea. Yeah. It's not really helping with the sleepiness, or getting the thoughts flowing. Fucking diet. It's even affecting my blogging. How rude is that?

Okay, I'll just have a half glass. I hear it goes well with NeoCitran.

I should be putting away the Christmas decorations. Today hubby said to me, "If you take the decorations off the tree I'll drag it out to the trash tomorrow". Which, y'know, if he's volunteering? Probably means that it's more of a fire hazard than I thought. So I managed to get all the decorations off (the toddler only smashed one! Christmas miracles!), but do you think he meant the lights too? I mean, it's way easier for HIM to do that part, since he's 6'4" and all limbs - right?

Plus, it's all dry and pokey.

Also, I know you're all sitting out there judging me for still having my dessicated, flammable kindling tree up, but Ukrainian Christmas was just a few days ago. And hubby is Ukrainian. So nyah.

Can I just say, EW, smoking? Because my boss smokes and even though he TRIES not to smoke around me I still come home stinking. Even now, I smell smoke.

Oh, fuck. I hope that's what it is, and not the tree.

I haven't bought an actual cd in like, 5 years. And I haven't downloaded an entire album in probably 4. I just pick a few songs I like and grab them. Do people even GO to "record stores" anymore?

(Did I just totally date myself?)
(When you use that phrase, does anybody else picture yourself out on a date with...yourself? Would you be able to agree on what movie to see?)
(Um, I think the wine is partying with the NeoCitran now).

I think I'll just stop now. And go pass out in a puddle of my own drool.

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