Yes, rabbit. Do I need to explain the rabbit? I think I probably do.

When we were kids my mother informed us that traditionally, if the first thing you said in the New Year was "rabbit", then you would have good luck all year. So Tiny Keely and her Tiny Brother would dutifully try to remember to declare, "rabbit!" before uttering anything else when they awoke on New Years Day.

Later in life it became a little confusing as to whether it was supposed to be the first thing you said the minute it turned midnight, or the first thing you said when you awoke hungover in a ditch with some guy named Stan, or possibly Joe bleary-eyed after staying up all night watching that guy in Times Square on television and drinking diet soda. I would regularly baffle people by bellowing "HAPPY NEW YEARS RABBIT!" at parties. And by regularly I mean that one time when I actually remembered the tradition. And by baffle I mean they all rightfully assumed I was drunk. And weird.

So, "rabbit", ya'll. Did anybody else's mother regularly make shit up just to screw with her children's heads have that tradition?