Mere decades away from being Johnny Mnemonic - totally can't wait.

So I hooked up with Twitter last night. Because I am a total nerd whore. Facebook, I still love ya, but you just can't do what this new guy does for me. I mean, at 3am when I want to strangle my child, I can tell a bunch of people who could give two shits all about it. From my phone. Because I am also a lazy whore.

But it started me thinking about what things like Facebook and Twitter are doing to the actual, face-to-face conversations we still have (if, indeed, we ever leave the house and HAVE any). You don't really have to ask, "How have you been?". Or, "What have you been up to?". Because you've been getting updates, in real time, and probably more insight into your friends' heads than you've ever had. Sometimes TOO much, actually. So you end up having really creepy conversations that don't even pay lip service to the niceties, but instead jump right to things like, "Oh, hey, I have a bunch of rhubarb to go in that pie you wanted to make.". Meanwhile you're thinking, um, wtf? I haven't seen this person in 6 weeks and they know about my baking habits??

Oh, right. Facebook.

I was at an outdoor gathering a few months ago, one of those things where it seems like every single person you've ever met makes an appearance, and the tagline for the day was: "Except on Facebook.". As in, "How is Brian's new baby?". "Oh, I haven't seen her....except on Facebook.". "How is Ruth doing after her surgery?". "Oh, I haven't talked to her...except on Facebook.". It seemed a little surreal, but nobody else seemed to think it was odd that two years ago, none of them had even heard of Facebook. I mean - what the hell did we do back then? Actually gossip?

And in two years it will probably be, I mean - what the hell did we do back then? Just use Facebook??