Catching Up

Since the government only "pays" me for the first year of being a mom, starting next week I have to go back to work. Which is fine, y'know, we're pretty lucky getting a year up here to be stay-at-home moms in our igloos. I'm just not confident I can function as an individual again, and I'll miss my little sidekick.

I'm only going to be in the office part-time, so Da Boss is hooking me up with a laptop so that I can do some work from home. Which is pretty sweet, because when I first started working there (like, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth...velociraptors, even) Da Boss was of the "why would I spend money on NEW equipment when this works fine?" mentality. So he offered it up and my first thought was, "That will be awesome for blogging".

And my second thought was, "I wonder if the video card can handle Warhammer?".

I take my job very seriously, I can assure you.