Like being gnawed on by guppies

A while ago Force of Nature's teenage daughter asked me,

"You still draw superheros and villains right? Because my friend and I were thinking, we were just talking, and we thought that wouldn't it funny, you know, if the villain were a lot of little T-Rexes? You know, like thousands of T-Rexes with their little front arms and they were all saying 'Rawr'. You know, just 'rawr'. Wouldn't that be funny? Huh? If the villain were T-Rexes?? Could you draw that for me? Or for my friend? Because she'd think that was funny. Wouldn't that be funny?"

Um...perhaps, if you're a 15 year old girl on crack. Which I seem to remember specifically recommending against.

But for some reason the idea of many tiny T-Rexes appealed (must be the 15 year old girl in me). And I liked the way the drawing turned out.

So, while not exactly a superhero, this week's drawing is for FoN's daughter and her friend, whoever you are. Don't let the T-Rexes get you down.