I'm lollygagging

...whatever lollygagging means. What I'm actually doing, is spending so much freakin' time stalking perusing other peoples blogs and not doing any actual blogging MYSELF.

So lets rant talk about what's on everybody's mind, the 10 billion dollar atom smasher in Switzerland and the potential for black-hole suckage.

I mean - if nuclear physicists are a mite concerned, do they really think this is still a good idea? How do you even prepare for the possibility of a black hole - canned goods, bottled water, and every episode of Star Trek on DVD? (Just in case Geordie once encountered such a speedbump, and might have a brilliant technobabble solution). Do we put on the storm windows and name them 'Black Hole Robert' and 'Black Hole Rowena' as the atom smasher churns them out?

Oh, wait, right. We won't BE HERE.

Or maybe we'll be in the second universe that this 'fake Big Bang' creates, that someone will take home in a jar, and we'll just all be a lot smaller. (Newsflash: Physicists Create Smurf Village. No word on Gargamel's whereabouts).

With all that brain power, can't they realize that NOBODY CARES BUT THEM? Really, nuclear physicist guys and gals, unless there is some kind of military application for black holes (which there might be, if we were at war with aliens, which would mean aliens would actually have to think we're worth their time) or the creation of universes-in-a-jar will somehow make porn on the internet better, WE DON'T CARE.

Now go cure cancer, or figure out how to get reality tv banned, or something useful.