An addendum to lollygagging

Okay, I had an additional mental seizure thought. What if the atom smasher DOES make a black hole? And the whole planet doesn't get obliterated, but just ends up like the Event Horizon?

We might all go insane and enter into hellish scenes of depravity with blood, people eating their own arms, and barbed wire. (Which, as an aside, I've always had a bit of a problem with. Why do scenes from hell always feature barbed wire? It isn't intrinsically evil. I mean, COWS live with it, and they seem fairly content). And bad acting, and dramatic music that means you should be shocked every time someone opens their eyes and doesn't have any eyeballs, even though that happened just yesterday at coffee, and the day before at the PTA meeting.

Gah. What's the furthest point from the France/Switzerland border? Looks like Fiji.

We're moving to Fiji!