I'd send the dog to a watery grave, but I'm too lazy: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Have you ever been the kind of tired where it feels like squirrels with especially wiry fur are pushing on your eyeballs from the inside? Yeah...I'm that.

I haven't read a good book in a while. I should probably go to the library. Well, I should probably pay off my library fines first. Er...actually, I should probably RETURN the books that are overdue, and THEN pay off my library fines.
Fuck it. I'll go to Chapters.

I'm disappointed that Mattel has managed to pull the Bratz dolls off the shelf. NOW where am I going to get training dolls for my future brood of dirty slutty whores?
Oh, right. There's still Barbie.

I keep burping up fish. Wait...is this 'random Tuesday thoughts', or 'too much information Tuesday'?

I need to pay my bills. Why is there always ONE bill that I can't pay online? Seriously, people, do you even realize how lazy I am? I used to have tons of problems with my credit, not because I didn't have the money to pay stuff, but because it involved actually finding a stamp and then ALSO going to the mailbox. Yeesh. Now I'm lucky if I can remember to bring the bills over to the computer in order to pay them.

I need to find a dog walker, but my dog is insane. I'm not even sure where to begin with wording THAT ad. Let's see..."Seek extremely heavyset individual with massive upper body strength who has the vision of an eagle for spotting incoming dogs and isn't afraid to bite back". Um yep...that'll get me a lot of replies. Maybe I'll go with "Seek very active dog walker who is willing to exercise my dog for hours for minimal pay, and isn't opposed to carrying a loaded hypodermic of morphine for emergencies. Must answer to the name of 'Cesar Milan'".

Maybe I'll just look into cement dog shoes instead.

...I'm kidding!

Sort of.


Okay, before you all lose ALL respect for me (what? You had some, right? I mean, just a little?) I guess I'll move on to whatever Wednesday might bring. Anybody else feeling the need to spew random nonsense today? (Well, yours can make sense, if you like, I suppose, although that's not really in the spirit of the thing). Grab the button, slap it up there, shoot me an email or leave a comment and I'll link you up. Ready? RANDOMIZE!

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