73 things I want to do before I die

I found this in one of my old sketchbooks. I remembered it existed, but I haven't looked at it in a LONG time. I wrote it in university, and I've accomplished a few, but it's a pretty sad ratio considering my advanced age. So I'm posting it here in the hopes that you guys will hold me accountable.

1. Visit Scotland
2. Grow a garden Two years in a row now!
3. Get my degree
4. Learn to play guitar properly
5. Skydive
6. Rock climb (on real rocks)
7. Get a dog (I should have specified a SANE dog.)
8. Own land
9. See the pyramids
10. Write a novel It's short, but it's written
11. Learn to blow glass
12. Visit NZ again
13. Learn Spanish
14. Learn Italian
15. Learn Japanese
16. Ride a gondola (the boat kind...not the mountain kind)
17. See the Parthenon
18. See the Louvre
19. Work for myself (and support myself doing it)
20. Sell a piece I'm proud of to someone I don't know (I meant an art piece...sickos)
21. Have my own gallery show
22. Learn to snowboard
23. Learn to 'sideways stop' on hockey skates (without falling on my ass)
24. Learn a martial art
25. Learn sign language
26. Swim naked at a tropical beach
27. Learn to ride a motorbike
28 Drive across Canada
29. Visit the East coast
30. Have horses
31. Play paintball
32. Play in a band
33. Teach a class
34. Go scuba diving
35. Swim with dolphins (I'm pretty sure they were laughing at me, but I did it)
36. See a ghost
37. Organize all my photographs
38. Read all the classics
39. See one of Rothko's paintings
40. Visit the catacombs in Europe
41. Hike in a rainforest
42. Fire a handgun
43. Learn archery
44. Trace my family tree
45. Visit Italy
46. Work overseas
47. Learn to fiddle
48. Find a way to show my parents how much I really appreciate them.
49. Get a tattoo
50. Get my nose pierced
51. Be with someone I would marry (but don't need to)
52. Bungee jump
53. Have a psychic experience
54. Go waterskiing
55. Go to Burning Man
56. Be an extra (I ended up doing this a LOT, and it's not as fun as you'd think)
57. Ride in a hot air balloon
58. Go to Disneyland with my friends with my son
59. See the lava flow in Hawaii
60. Make a book Coincidentally...last weekend!
61. Sing in a gospel choir
62. See the Mayan/Aztec temples.
63. Visit the Purdy's chocolate factory
64. Learn to whistle really loud (I have been trying, and failing, at this for years)
65. Sleep on a foreign beach
66. Have my own darkroom
67. Take a basic mechanic's class
68. Learn to play poker
69. Go whitewater kayaking
70. Go surfing
71. Go spelunking

And I'm officially adding:

72. Get published (like, by someone else, not lulu.com)
73. Escort my child(ren) through to their teens with all limbs & eyes intact

So what's on YOUR list? And what do you guys think I should tackle first?

Also, if there are any sponsors reading this that want to help me out with any of these - say, the trip to Italy - I'm down with that. Because I'm a total money whore. I'll wear your logo all around Europe like I'm a friggin' NASCAR driver. Plus, I have the fake sincerity thing down to a science. Just puttin' that out there.