This isn't a New Years Resolution, because then I would be one of those New Years Resolution People, and I mock those people

I guess it's the New Year coming up. And I guess that means I should get back on the HASAY bandwagon, because I fell off so hard I think I broke a cheekbone.


So ya'll probably want an update, and here it is: I gained 3 lbs in the month of December. I have no idea how I did that. It should have been WAY more.

I think I went to the gym a grand total of four times, and I ate everything - EVERYTHING - in sight. And there was a lot in sight. There was some kind of unspoken contest going on at the office over who could bring the most decadent treats each day. I've been accused of starting the trend, when all I brought was one fucking plate of cookies. My cookies morphed into someone's rice krispie cakes, which turned into shortbread, which became a plate of fudge. FIVE DIFFERENT KINDS. The boss did something nice for a client, so in return she brought two plates the size of my whitewall tires filled with goodies. And everything resided less than 6 feet from my desk.

And - gah! - since I don't arrive at work until noon, people started saving me portions of the mornings offerings. How am I supposed to refuse that?

So, yeah. Three pounds is getting off lightly.

Er, no pun intended.

So now I have to drag my ass to the gym with all the other New Years Resolution People, which is totally unfair because I make this resolution at lots of OTHER times of the year, too. It will be crowded and annoying and I will hate it.

And I have to get back with the "program", that is, Weight Watchers. Which is a fine program and it works but it's, y'know, a DIET. Yes, I know, it's a lifestyle change, blah blah, but it's not really much of a change for me (December is an anomaly), just a reduction in calories. Which is also known as a DIET. I don't really "do" diets, just like I don't really "do" New Years resolutions.

Can you tell I'm kind of dragging my feet this time around?

So, armed with my new Christmas gift Weight Watchers recipe book (which, even though I totally wanted it, and even blogged about getting back on the program, and it came from my MOM who loves me no matter what shape I am, still kind of hurt my feelings. A teeny bit. Yeah, programming runs deep), I shall venture forth into the fray one more time.

One LAST time.

Because I'm not fucking doing this again, I swear. I'm going to get back to 140 and I'm going to STAY THERE.

So, break out your whips and chains, HASAYers. Flog me back into shape, share your inspirational stories, your recipes that don't suck. Casey, lie to me about how much you're actually working out and see if you can find my competitive streak.