Spin Cycle: It's no secret

So this week Jen over at Sprite's Keeper mixed it up a bit for the Spin Cycle. She doesn't want us to talk about ourselves.

I know - what the hell?

Anyway, in the giving spirit of the season, she wanted us to be 'Secret Santa' to one of our favorite blogs, and sing their praises in a post dedicated just to them. From my list of favorite blogs she assigned me Get the Stink Off, because, as she said, "it should be a challenge".

I'm pretty sure she meant because it's just so awesome, I wouldn't know where to start.

I'm full of booze Christmas cheer so it seemed like a good time to wax poetic about Cameron's blog. Except that if you spend any time here, you'll know how poetic I'm NOT. I'll just say it's awesome. It sounds more believable anyway.

Cameron at Get the Stink Off is one of those semi-rare creatures, a "daddy blogger" running with the pack of the rest of us mommy bloggers. I love reading his posts, because you never know what you're going to get. I mean, it's always well-written and clever, but one day he can write a poignant and gut-wrenching post about the horrifying possibility that you accidentally harmed your own child, and the next day write something so hysterically, typically MALE. Like wanting hot lesbian sex for Christmas. Or an entire post about the pride of being a carnivore. He writes things that we're all thinking but would never say out loud. And - a total bonus around this joint - he regularly makes shit up.

Cameron was one of the first people to spot the genius that is my other blog, and he leaves witty and sarcastic comments there that make me laugh, and then make me want to lobotomize myself before my son gets to his kids' age. I don't comment on his blog as often as I should, usually because my scathing wit is not up to the task. I'm sarcastic - he's ACIDIC. If ya'll haven't visited his site, you should. Go on, git.

So, dude, this not-so-secret Santa's for you. It comes with a scotch on the rocks, but you have to come to Canada to get it. Merry merry!