A list of things I may consider possibly resolving to do in the New Year. If I feel like it.

1. I'm going to stop eating all my son's Goldfish crackers. For real.

Or at least buy extra.

2. I'm going to get back on the HASAY bandwagon. Again. And start doing the Weight Watchers thing. Again. Because I'm starting to reach narwhal proportions. Again.

Pretty sure it's all the Goldfish crackers.

3. I'm going to stop tormenting my in-laws by saying things like, "You know what I lay awake at night wondering? How I can fortify the house when the zombie apocalypse happens," and "Well we're a little short on cash this month since your son spent it all on beer and crack whores.". I'm not going to go so far as to say I'll start actually listening to them when they talk, though. Baby steps, people.

4. I'm going to stop blogging at work.

5. I'm going to stop lying when I blog.

6. Starting in January, right? This is a list for JANUARY.

7. I'm going to take down the tree before it becomes a fire hazard Groundhog Day, for SURE this year.

Okay, definitely Valentines.

8. I'm going to attempt to maintain this "avoiding convenience foods for the sake of our budget" campaign I have going. For the record, it equates to ME doing a lot more cooking and the rest of the family doing their part by eating it. Why do these things always end up being more work for ME?

9. I'm going to stop turning the stupid TV on all the time. My son doesn't appear to care unless it's Elmo, and I end up pushing him out of the way because Sponge Bob is on.

10. I'm going to accomplish at least one of the things from my List of Things to Do Before I Die. Hubby says he's up for #65, Sleep naked on a foreign beach, but I'm not sure where to put the kid.

11. I'm going to donate to charity, volunteer at an orphanage, read to old people, stop bringing the property values down in the neighbourhood, show people more respect and road rage less.

12. I'm going to have to stop making unattainable lists of things I mean to accomplish.

Brought to you by Anna's Listless Mondays, whose button I can't get to work today, and it's driving me batshit.

(Okay, there it is. Phew.)