The Spin Cycle: Origin Story

Jen over at Sprite's Keeper has a really interesting Spin Cycle going this week fortnight. She wants to know about our blogs' life story, it's inception, it's psyche. What made us start our blogs, and why did we name them what we did?

That's right, I'm blogging about blogging, AGAIN.

The Un Mom is pretty straight forward. I'd been writing A Letter to Xander for a little while when I realized that its format - a letter to my son - was somewhat restrictive. I mean, okay, I am someone's parent, but I didn't stop being all those other things when I gave birth. I needed somewhere to write about stuff that interested just ME, that didn't relate to parenting. Things that were un-mom-like. Therefore, The Un Mom.

But when I started thinking about a redesign, I kind of knew what look I wanted, and because I'm such a comic book nerd fan it involved comics. Rachel did such a fantastic job, it was like she was in my head (She may have been. Someone rearranged the furniture up there). And then, I started to think of the Un Mom as an actual character, like kind of a super hero.

(Except for the tiny voice that says that the Un Mom sounds more like a VILLAIN. We're just going to ignore that voice. We're pretty good at ignoring voices around here).

And every supervillainhero needs a good origin story, right? Right:

The Un Mom began as plain old SuperKeely, a superheroine with no known alter ego. In truth, she didn't need one; she was who she was (except when she wasn't, and then she had a really good PR team). Ageless, she protected the city for years, her exact powers undocumented but thought to include super strength, a pretty fast uppercut, and self deception. Occasionally she would vanish for periods of time, until her ratings went back up city needed her protection again, but the citizens always knew they could count on her.

Then she did what every good superheroine does at some point; she fell in love.

But she didn't fall in love with a villain and make him have a change of heart only to have him change his mind again and betray her, and she didn't fall in love with another superhero only to have him tragically defeated by his arch nemesis. No, SuperKeely fell in love with a regular guy. A guy who had been on her PR team for a very long time, and she felt like she'd always known him, but it never even occurred to her that they should date until her BSHF (Best SuperHero Friend) pointed it out to her. That guy had seen her knocked out cold by a C-List villain, and trip over her own cape, and he loved her the whole time anyway.

So they eloped to Vegas, and settled down, and SuperKeely fought a little less crime every day. Eventually she managed to get knocked up, and she took a year off from crime fighting altogether. Unsurprisingly, the city survived, and new heroes filled the void, which was for the best because spandex is NOT forgiving of post-pregnancy saddle bags.

But SuperKeely found that even though she loved her tiny son, and adored being his mother, she missed her work. So after some major boot camp she returned to fighting crime, at least part time. But a narrow escape with a common thug made her realize something: SHE HAD MOM-BRAIN. She couldn't focus. She couldn't pay attention to fighting crime and at the same time worry about her kid at daycare, or wonder if they should have pork chops for dinner, or muse on whether bottles with BPA in them were doing permanent damage. She was going to get herself killed.

In despair, she turned to the superhero psychologist. He advised her that while she was fighting crime, she couldn't BE a parent. She had to be SuperKeely, not somebody's mother.

SuperKeely protested that she couldn't possibly do that. The superhero psychologist, who was also a witch doctor (I know, a rare breed), told her he would hypnotize her and give her a trigger word that would grant her the power to forget her child; just long enough for a four-hour shift of fighting crime. The trigger word was "un-mom".

SuperKeely was back; but secretly, she was really the Un Mom.