Frozen Purple Monkey Dishwasher: Random Tuesday Thoughts


It's Tuesday again already? Wow. Okay. Um, as I mentioned yesterday I'm not feeling particularly blogtastic lately, so I don't know how great (or random) my thoughts will be this week.

(I am, however, getting more frequent with the made-up bullshit words. Blogtastic? Really? I think subconsciously I must be awaiting an invitational email from Joss Whedon's writing team).

Ready to be underwhelmed? Okay...let's see what my frozen brain kicks out:

I am so fucking cold. I know this is a repeat from yesterday, but Jeebus, every winter I question my choice to live here, my will to live at all, and my very sanity. And then, whoop! Once around the goldfish bowl, it's spring and I've already forgotten how much winters here SUCK DONKEY BALLS.

I should probably still try to get around to returning those library books. They're going to be all confused, they think they live here now.

Is it just me or does PeepALot sound a little more rude than what it actually is? Also, why did I enter a popularity contest when I've always been, um, differently-abled in that department?

I should have bought a lottery ticket today. I won two, count 'em, TWO giveaways! Okay, so one of them I didn't read the not-so-fine print and I didn't qualify because I'm Canadian, eh, but I still won.
Stupid border. If I won the lottery I'd look into having it erased.

How big of an eraser do you think you'd need for that?

I've now been at my job long enough that I qualify for an extra week's vacation. Great. I think I'll use it to plan faking my own death so I never have to go back there.

Purple monkey dishwasher.

...there are like 6 entries for that in the Urban Dictionary. The evolution of the english language scares the crap out of me sometimes.

Okay. That's all I've got. Really. Even I'm underwhelmed, and I'm usually pretty easily impressed.

Pretty sure you can do better. Grab the button, post your post, leave me a comment and I'll link you up...if you can stand to be seen with me, that is.

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