Slightly overwhelmed

This isn't a real post, because I'm not feeling that great (I'm pretty certain it's the lack of caffeine and/or red wine in my system). And, well, I have all these comics to read, and I haven't logged onto Warhammer in a week. Priorities, people.

But it pays not to be a social retard, even in the blogosphere, so I have some awards to graciously accept. First, Julie at the Cool Mom Guide, smacked me not once but twice!

Both of these have memes attached, of the "random facts" variety, but don't you people know enough random crap about me already? You'll become addicted to Un Mom trivia, and be rooting through my garbage for your next informational tidbit in no time.

Nobody wants that.

But I will pass these along, to people I actually DO want to know more about:

Private EYE
April's Little Family
Isolated Existence

And then savvysuzie at the $200 Mission presented me with another award, but blogger for some reason says that her blog has been removed, and that had better be a big fat lie, or I'll cry. I WILL BE BACK to edit this post, dammit.

It was there, I swear. It's not the Neo-Citran talking.

And Ane at Life According to Me gave me the following, which is just further proof, as if you needed it, that people in the blogosphere DO NOT REALLY KNOW YOU AT ALL:

But it was a very sweet sentiment, and I'm not going to pass it on to anyone specific, because if they're setting the "Best Mom" bar at my level, then it's a contest anyone can win.