Random Tuesday Thoughts

I wonder if I should have titled this post with something to bait the search engines, as Anna over at abdpbt suggested. Something like "10 ways to keep your man". Then I could have followed it up with suggestions like "Bash him over the head with a hammer and stuff him in your linen closet", and see how many authorities were called hits I got.

Do you think some Americans are finally ready to accept a black man as president because the tv show 24 and Keifer Sutherland told them it was okay? I mean, I'd drink bleach if Keifer Sutherland told me it was okay. Although I won't buy a Ford. Hm, maybe it's the visual.

My toe is itchy.

I'm reading this book called "Gargoyle" by, um, Davidson something. I got it from the library as a "Popular Pick", which means I only get it for a week, which means it's due back tomorrow. It's actually pretty good, so I should probably be finishing it instead of blogging. The last "Popular Pick" I got out was some horrid thing by Stephanie Meyer, and I didn't even finish the first chapter, because my reading time is precious these days. It wasn't the Twilight ones, but those sound stupid too. I mean, I didn't even buy the "hundreds-of-years-old vampire falls for immature teenage ditz" phenomenon from Joss Whedon, and I LOVE Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It just doesn't seem plausible. I know guys are way less mature than women and all, but in hundreds of years don't you think they should have done a little personal development?
...where was I? Oh, Gargoyle. Good book.

Do we blog because we're a little crazy, or are we a little crazy because we blog? Discuss.

I BETTER GET A BUFFY COMIC THIS WEEK. Seriously. It's like, a month overdue. C'mon people - in the middle of a story arc?? Get your shit together, I need a fix!! Don't make me come down there!

There were two Buffy references in this post. I'm a total nerd.