11 Reasons I couldn't work out this week

This week I'm combining my abdpbt list with my weekly post for Club HASAY. Because I'm trying to multitask and find more time to work out. Um, yes, that's it.


1. There was an angry moose on my doorstep. Okay, no, not an actual moose. But my neighbours were out front and I didn't want them to see me all scraggy in my gym clothes.

2. My son timed his nap wrong. I can't wake him up to go to the gym right? I could have gone before, but they don't have kiddie care then, and I can't go after, because I have to go to work.

3. It was too cold out.

4. It was too hot out. (Um, okay, well, not really. It's November. It was too hot inside?)

5. My gym clothes were in the wash. I have no idea WHY, since I haven't used them, but that's where they were. Honest.

6. I ran out of coffee. C'mon, I can't even get dressed without being properly caffeinated, never mind operate a treadmill.

7. I ate like, 28 mini chocolate bars, and half a pizza. What's the point?

8. My son woke up 4 times last night, and I think it's better for my mental health if I have a nap instead.

9. I still fit into my jeans, right?

10. I didn't shower yesterday, so I'm pretty gross, but I can't shower before going to the gym, because that's just silly.

11. I walked around the mall already today.

So yeah...pretty sluggish out of the gate. I'll be better this week. As soon as I get around to doing laundry.