We're gonna need a bigger boat

I haven't written a post in a while that wasn't a meme, a theme, or an award acceptance. Because, well, I've been seriously lacking in inspiration. I have been a non-participant in Maternal Spark's Monday Muse for a while, not because I've been busy writing lists, but because I've been feeling totally without a muse.

And here is my shameful little secret - often, most of the time in fact, I need someone to give me an idea. Not just 'inspiration' - a friggin' IDEA. Even if said idea just becomes a launching point, I need somewhere to start. A project. A theme. A fully-formed, totally realized, clever-ass idea. I mean, it didn't even occur to me to start a blog until someone else said, "Hey, why don't you have a blog?". And look how THAT turned out.

Um...okay, wait, that's a bad example. Never mind.

Anyway, sometimes, when it comes to writing, I just go to a website like this one and GET an idea (oddly, there are far fewer websites that give you ideas for painting or developed concepts on which you can base your grad show in ceramics). Today, for instance, I pressed the button and got this:

"What's so great about being stiff? Write a story or memory whose title would contain the word 'starch.'"

What the...? Are you kidding me? You want me to write about...STARCH?

Okay, that sucks. I think I'm going to need more help than that.

Actually...fuck it. I'm going to go play video games.