I virtually rock. I rock virtually? Whatever.

Apparently I'm just burnin up the blogosphere, because in addition to all the awards my cute little son got, I have a few to accept over here. When will this glorious, ego-stroking, feel-good madness end?

Hopefully never.

So Joanne over at CoconutPalmDesigns gave us this award:

Because, obviously, I rock. As per the title.

It appears there is some kind of fine print attached to this one, implying I need to provide you with 6 random facts about me. But, I'm a rock star, so I'm going to flout (flaunt? Taunt? Trout? Where's my floutin' dictionary??) tradition and just give you one: I was a huge hoarder of sentimental objects until I went backpacking for a few months, at which point I realized that if I didn't need or miss that crap while I was gone, I didn't need it at all. The fact that hubby has t-shirts from high school drives me CRAZY.
(Ironically, I have several sentimental objects from travelling. But they're SMALL)

I hereby pass this award on to:

Mrs. Mullet from Frogs in my Formula, because, hello? She's all business up front and party in the back!
and Casey over at Half As Good As You, because she just rocks. And stalks. And probably something else that rhymes. Talks? It seems likely.

Then Becky at Suburban Matron gave me this award. She said I could ignore it if I wanted to. Does that seem like a takeback to you guys? Because I'm keepin' this bad boy, sorry.

No strings attached to this one, plus it has a cute picture! I'm passing it to some people whose writing I really enjoy:

Kelly at Per Se
Perpetua at Our Lady of Perpetual Bread Crumbs
(I'm surprised either of those people have enough time to write post-its, nevermind a blog, but they do it well).

The last award is near & dear to my heart and was given to me by both SavvySuzie at The $200 Mission and Ane at Life According to Me. If you aren't sure why I'm so geeked out about getting this award, um, hello? Take a look around.

I'll pass this on to a couple of super Moms,
Petra the Wise (*Young*) Mommy
and On the Verge

Phew. Now I'm off to compulsively dust my shiny new awards!

...no. No, I'm not. I'm going to go play Warhammer. Good thing there's no blog award for cleanliness.