9 things I covet, or, oh hey is it Christmas time already?

What? This isn't an entirely self-serving list. How else are you going to know what to buy all the OTHER artsy, comic-obsessed, gaming nerd moms on your list?

1. The Bose SoundDock for iPods: Okay, really I just need some KIND of speaker for my iPod. But if I'm coveting, I should go all out, right? I'm tired of having all these really great songs on my iPod and only listening to them at the gym. I should be able to belt them out in my living room and assault my son's ears serenade my entire neighbourhood!

2. I love my Wacom Bamboo pen tablet, but what I really really want is the Cintiq. To be able to draw right on the screen? Droooooool.

Or, y'know, paper works like that too. But not quite as fun.

3. A laptop bag like this one from glorydaze on etsy, or the lapsac. Or anything like that, that doesn't make me look like I inherited my father's industrial black vinyl laptop bag. If it could double as a cute diaper bag, that would rock even further. I just want to look cool as I take out my laptop, and then take out a sippy cup and a baggie of cheerios. Is that so much to ask??

4. Comments. Lots and lots of comments. Seriously, people, I'm barely holding it together here and comments are the glue.

5. A huge wall decal of zombies. Okay, no, not really. We've been over my fear of zombies. But if I wasn't completely askeered of the living dead, I would think it was pretty cool.

Maybe in the baby's room.

6. A new bathrobe, to replace the one I bought on sale 5 years ago at a La Senza outlet, on sale because it was missing the sash. The one that two years ago, the dog chewed the pockets out of because she thought she smelled a molecule of dog biscuit (and I've been forgetting and trying to put things in the pockets that no longer exist ever since). Do you think she would refrain from chewing a new one if I bought her her own?

7. Two words: SPA. DAY.

8. This hoodie from thinkgeek.com. I know, I'm a loser. I just really REALLY want to wear it to work one day. Or possibly every day. I used to have the t-shirt but, uh....it doesn't fit anymore.

9. The Wii Fit. Well, I've been coveting one of these for a while, they're just elusive round these parts. Must be shy. If I find one, it's automatically an early Christmas present to ME.

What do YOU covet?

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