A new low

It finally happened. I'm having dreams about BLOGGING.

This usually happens to me when I've been obsessed spending a lot of time doing one thing. At the height of my City of Heroes superhero career, I dreamt at night about superjumping around the city, thwarting evil. Those were pretty good dreams.

Once I read the entire Diana Gabaldon Outlander series from start to finish. For two weeks I had some REALLY good dreams. Mmm, Scottish burrs and men in kilts.

When I was a waitress and pulling a lot of shifts, I'd have nightmares where my section was the size of a football field and people would be ordering really complicated drinks in a whisper while people at other tables impatiently flagged me down. Obviously, those were not fun dreams but every server has those dreams, so at least I could go to work and expect sympathy.

But dreaming about blogging? It's not like I can wake up and exclaim, "OMG! I just had this whacked out dream where savvysuzie posted something really funny but nobody commented and then barefootfoodie put me on her blogroll!". I mean, I've never been cool but - c'mon.

So, yeah. I think I need to play more Warhammer or something.