Not really an update so much as a bunch of blathering

I'm posting a HASAY update, although it's a little late, and I'm not even sure what week this would be for me since I joined the club late too (sensing a theme here?). Week #2, maybe?

I weighed in Monday. I lost a pound.

At least, I think I lost a pound, it's hard to be sure, since the previous Monday I weighed myself while wearing a bathing suit, and this Monday I was in full gym gear and much less naked, so I had to account for how much my clothes weigh.

Um, how much DO clothes weigh?

Anyway, I'm guessing a pound. I'm not AS concerned with that as I am with getting back on the wagon and working out, which I did - in spades! I hit the gym 3 times, AND added in a swim fit class with my son, AND went for a nice long walk.

Food, however, continues to be a problem. I did the WeightWatchers thing after I had baby, and it worked great, but I'm kind of over it. I was starving ALL THE FUCKING TIME, and let me tell you, a starving Keely is - let's put this politely - unfriendly.

Okay, I'm a raging bitch when I'm hungry. So this time I'm just trying not to fall victim to the allure of cheesecake and creamy sugary coffee, and eating SLOWLY so I can stop when I feel full.

What? I'm sure it'll work just fine.

This week is going to be harder to get to the gym, but I'm doing my best. On Monday I had a killer workout, and did this ab workout which I used to do all the time but lately seem to have forgotten that there is more than one muscle between my boobs and my hoo-ha. Guess what? After revisiting that workout, I am now painfully, agonizingly aware of EVERY SINGLE ONE. And probably some extras, too.

Also? TVs built into your cardio equipment? BEST INVENTION EVER. I never, ever get to watch TV uninterrupted anymore, so having to run on the treadmill while I indulge in John & Kate Plus 8 seems like a small price to pay. The gyms I've belonged to in the past always had TVs in the cardio area, but you were always subject to someone else's whims, and that someone else always seemed to want to watch sports. Seriously? Who wants to watch people work out while you're working out?

I want to be distracted from the burning sensation in my lungs and thighs and the largish area of my ass, thank you very much.