Random Tuesday Thoughts, Revisited


Last week's Random Tuesday Thoughts was entertaining enough (for ME - I don't care what you thought)(Wait! I didn't mean it! I CAAAARRRE! Come back!) that I'm going to make them a regular thing. Between this and Anna's Listless Mondays, I can go at least two days without having to write a cohesive post! Yeah!

So if you have a bunch of random thoughts rattling around in your head that aren't enough individually to make a post, or if you have a stream of consciousness you just need to piss out, feel free to participate. Grab the button, slap it up there, and leave me a comment so I can link you up.

Ready? One - two - three - RANDOMIZE!

...I've discovered that I need to "set the mood" to blog. The right lighting, and a glass coffee mug of red wine. That's right, I'm romancing you people. The coffee mug keeps it klassy.

...Teddy bears are kind of creepy. Not as creepy as dolls, with their dead eyes that roll back in their sockets, but creepy enough that I don't want to go into my son's room in the dark by myself. Of course, I have no problem leaving HIM in there with them. Hm, I sense a possible repressed childhood memory.

...Still no Buffy comic. I'm going to have to start busting kneecaps. Did all of Dark Horse go for coffee? For over two months?

...I wonder if anybody else has dreams where they're the last person on earth, and it's kind of nice? I found this blog called Alone on Earth that's a work of fiction written as the diary of a guy who is suddenly (and inexplicably) the last person alive. The writing is not uber polished, which just makes it all the more realistic as a diary, and it's super suspenseful and a little scary. I'm totally on the edge of my seat waiting for the next post. But somehow I think if I were in the same situation, I'd just stock up on wine and chocolate and books, and putter my life away in total contentment.

...My dog's life kind of sucks. All day she mopes around waiting for someone to pay attention to her, and all we do is yell at her to get out of the way. No wonder she loves my kid. At least he crawls on her. Every day I feel guilty for this; and yet here I am, blogging, ignoring her.

...Yeah, I'm going to go pay attention to my dog now. Hope it doesn't confuse the crap out of her.

Are you a random rebel, too? Write your totally uncohesive post, copy the following code, and let me know via a comment or an email.

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