6 Things I probably should be doing instead of blogging

1. Working. I should probably be wading through the massive pile of CRAP my boss left me before he jetted off to golf in Phoenix for a week. "We'll get you a laptop" they said. "You can work when you have time" they said. Bah.

2. Writing and mailing the thank-you cards for my son's birthday that was, oh, OVER A MONTH AGO. Yeah, I suck. But he signed them, so he sucks too.

I know he's only one year old. Shut up.

3. Drawing the next superheroine of the week, which is, um, a little overdue. Sorry, FoN. When is someone going to perfect a machine that just takes the images right out of your head and puts them on paper (or PhotoShop)? I'd be first in line for that. Unless there was surgery involved, because that means doctors (unless it's the kind of surgery that can be performed by a bartender with a pickle fork, then I'm still game). Or if you have no control over what images it pulls, because there's some shit in my head that neither man NOR machine should be subjected to.

4. Drawing something for the next issue of a collaborative comic I collaborate on, called Valuable Comics. The theme for the next issue is "Issues". That's right, it's the "Issues issue". I know I've got issues but...can I make a comic about them??

5. If you followed that last link, the corollary of #4 is "Update the Valuable Comics webpage". It's very pathetic and somehow I've been charged with breathing new life into it. I think I may have volunteered. Why the fuck did I do that?? Oh right...there was beer at our last meeting.

Always blame it on the beer.

6. Tidying my house. Because the cleaners are coming on Tuesday, and you've always got to clean before they clean.

...why is that, exactly?