Lingerie, 2nd floor

Blogging about Google Analytics is kind of a gimme post. Because the average blogger could never, in a million years, come up with the random shit that people type into search engines.

(For those of you who don't know, Google Analytics keeps track of your website, how many people go there, and what got them there. Including referring sites, and search phrases that people enter into Google).

Most of the search phrases on my tracker so far have been pretty benign, and a few have been amusing to probably no-one but me (my other blog has gotten a few hits from people searching "benign neglect parenting". Okay, a) are people really looking for a manual? and b) um, maybe I should be offended that they end up at MY blog. Because I parent out of sheer neglect, not benign neglect). But one popped up the other day that sort of gave me pause.

"Superheroine diaper".

What with the post rant about diaper cakes, I can see how they ended up here. But, um, WHAT exactly were they looking for originally? The phrase brings a couple of images to mind. Like, a really obese and incontinent Wonder Woman, hocking the invisible jet for her next fix of tabloids and jube jubes. Or an adult diaper sex fetish outfit with stars on the butt and a little cape.

Or is that just me?

At any rate, according to Google Analytics, that person didn't stay long.