Yeah, I suck

Okay, so as if you needed another reason why Mondays suck, I haven't got my poop in a group to finish this week's superheroine. Mostly because I've been waylaid by birthday parties and inlaws and cake (I used to LIKE cake), but also because I'm trying to use my new tablet and do the piece entirely in Photoshop, without drawing it on paper first and it's FoN after all so I want it to be good (yeah, that's why. Not because I'm a flake, because I love my friend and I want her superheroine to be superheroic. Yeah.).

Also, I didn't get a chance to participate in this Monday's Muse over at Maternal Spark, but that isn't stopping YOU from checking it out. Off you go! Yes, you! Get off your butt and go!

...Sheesh. Lazy buggers.