Huh, that didn't hurt

I've been tagged. Or memed. Or magged? Or whatever you call it, by Isolated Existence, who apparently finds me interesting enough to want to know 7 more useless enthralling facts about me. The deal is, you share the seven nuggets of info, you tag seven other bloggers, the love continues.

So in case you were wondering:

1. I am deliberately obtuse when it comes to politics, current events, sports, etc. Pretty much anything anyone else considers "news". I would rather save my emotional energy for other things.

2. I've seen The Blues Brothers approximately 1282 times.

3. I'm supposed to be cleaning my house and baking a cake for my son's first birthday party right now, but I'm not. I'm blogging.

4. When I was 10, my family moved to New Zealand for three years. If you want to mess your children up, culturally speaking, do THAT.

5. I'm an atheist, my mother is an atheist, my grandparents were atheists and my great grandfather was an atheist as well. That's a whole lotta non-godliness.

6. I have a mole on my hip that is supposed to be removed, but I decided it had been in my life too long so I didn't go to the appointment. Well, that and I'm slightly terrified of people cutting bits of my skin off. Only slightly.

7. I can grow pretty much anything, except, apparently, corn.

Now I want to know random facts about these people:

1. April over at April's Little Family
2. Kelly at Per Se
3. Mary Anne at The Stiletto Mom (who's probably already gotten it, like 24 times, and this'll be spam for her. Also, she's on a beach somewhere drinking a lot and may use that as an excuse not to pay attention)

Meh....that's all I'm going to tag. The eighth fact on that list, which would be of NO surprise to ANYBODY, is that I'm friggin' lazy.