Makeover Artist wanted! Stacy London need not apply!

Okay, well, in honour of Hallowe'en, I want to 'dress up' this blog. I have a sense of what I'm looking for (something 3-column, 'comic-booky' with black frames...and, well, comic-y images...and NOT BLACK) but neither the time nor the wherewithall to do it.

So I'm officially taking applications (hahhahhahhHAHAHHAH!! I'm a pretentious twat). Anybody want to take on this little project? Blog designers, belly on up and email me at keelyblogs[at]gmail[dot]com your willingness & approximate cost.

(I'm not necessarily looking for 'cheapest', I'm looking for someone who 'gets' what I'm looking for in a design.)

(Gawd, that sounded pretentious again. Somebody help me.)

(I'm going to stop now.)