Level up!

Am I showing my advanced age if I remember those "I'd rather be" buttons? You know, the ones you find in kitschy shops (maybe you still do...it's been a while since I did a good kitschy shop tour) that say "I'd rather be Blanking"?

Not that. Pervs. I mean, they said "I'd rather be FISHING", or "I'd rather be GOLFING".

Well, I need one that says "I'd rather be blogging". I didn't even last a week at my non-promise to not blog at work. I've been blogging, card dropping, cruising other people's blogs...the whole enchilada, baby. I can't help it. It's ADDICTIVE.

Apparently I'm the last person to find out about this. I'm like the fat guy wondering why eating McDonalds is keeping him fat, whining, "But nobody told me!".

I think I've figured out why. Blogging is kind of like an MMO...like World of Warcraft, or Evercrackquest, for those of you not down with the lingo. You start out with your little apprentice blog, looking like everyone else's blog in your generic threads. Then you start to get a few comments, and maybe an upgrade to your look. You've gained a few experience points, starting to learn the ropes. Then you discover blogging networks (who knew!) and all of a sudden you've got all kinds of new weapons and skills! And then - and then! - someone like savvysuzie* comes along and gives you a friggin' award. Oh yeah - ding!


And as if you weren't hooked before - now you're calling in sick to work just so you can blog and network to get better gear, more awards, more comments. And social services is creating a special branch to help addicts just like you.

But I don't answer when they call, because I'm doing what every good addict does, and sucking more people in with me sharing the loot:

Signe Says
Private Eye
10 Things I Hate About Your Site

And, yeah, that's all I have time for, because I have to go join a raiding party.

No, that one isn't a metaphor.

It's not an online gaming thing either. Look, I don't have to explain myself to you.

*Disclaimer: savvysuzie is NOT AN ADDICT, I'm not saying that, don't be silly. She's an awesome blogger and one of those super-organized people who I aspire to be but I'm just too lazy. She's questing to feed her family with only $200, and questing is something I'm totally down with. As well as with awesome recipes, which she also has. Are you still sitting here listening to me? Just go look, already.