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    Recommended Reading


    These are all blogs I read regularly.  When I'm behind I have over 1000 items in my reader; when I'm "caught up" it's more like 300-something.  You people need to stop writing so much. If you don't see your blog listed here, it may not be because I don't read it (then again, it might).  This is a work in progress.  These are also MY words to describe these blogs; if you're listed here but feel you've been misrepresented, feel free to take it up with the management. Happy reading.

    Bad Words:  Former blogger of Tiptoeing Through the Tulips, mom to one Deaf Kid and one Not Deaf Kid, who swears like a sailor, loves her a good Death and always makes me fucking cry.  I still owe her a punch in the face for that one.

    Frogs in my Formula:  Frogmama and I live parallel lives.  If we get together too often it creates small black holes, but once we risked it and went bungee jumping out of an airplane over Mt. Everest with a unicorn.   Also, she's fucking hilarious.

    Is there Anymommy out there?:  Bio-mom, adoptive mom, mom to 4 under 5 (gah).  She could be anymommy, but she's not.  She's the one we all want to be when we grow up.

    It's a Dog's Life:  If there's a cooler nerdy vegetarian librarian artist out there, I haven't read her blog.

    Kids and Daiquiris:  I'm obliged to read her blog, she's going to be my in-law one day.  But you should, too, because she's freakin' hilarious.  At least, twice a year when she gets around to posting.

    The Life & Times of Malady:  My favorite sarcastic blogtoon commentary on life, drawn sporadically by mom and massage therapist Malady.

    Suburban Matron: The Jane Goodall of suburbia, giving us the deets on shopping, neighbours, and how to receive even the most unwelcome of guests with Southern poise and charm. (The unwelcome guest was breast cancer.  See what I did there?)

    Our Lady of Perpetual Breadcrumbs: She was finishing her dissertation...honest!  Then she got sidetracked by someone cute and chubby.  Happens to the best of us.

    Craftastrophe: Finding truly regrettable "handmade" items and then mocking them mercilessly.  What's not to love?

    Outnumbered Two to One:  Friggin' hysterical, and with clever turns of phrase that will make you think she's not quite as insane as a mother of 4 ought to be.